Management Team

Ms. Zhilin Li - Ms. Li has served as President and Chief Executive Officer of the Company since October 20, 2005. She is a founder of Helpson, and has served as Chairman and CEO of Helpson since 1993. Ms. Li was formerly the President of Haikou Bio-engineering institute, and the Vice President of the Sichuan Institute of Biology. She graduated from Sichuan University, where she majored in biology, and later became an instructor.

Ms. Jian Yang - Ms. Yang has been Secretary of the Company since October 20, 2005. She is a founder and director of Helpson. Ms. Yang was a technician at the Sichuan Institute of Biology in 1990 and Vice President of Haikou Biomedicine Engineering Co., Ltd. in 1991. Ms. Yang earned her MBA at the University of Wales, England.

Ms. Yao Huang - Ms. Huang is the Company's Chief Technical Officer. She started at Helpson in 1994. She is a certified senior engineer and registered pharmacist with over 25 years of professional experience in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Ms Huang graduated from Chengdu Chinese Medicine and Pharmaceuticals University.


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