Research & Development

New Drug Selection Criteria
China Pharma develops and launches new and improved generic products based on market demand by combining internal product development, strategic alliances with partners and collaborations of its products and businesses. The Company targets off-patent drugs with cumulative global sales over $1billion. Under Chinese law, China Pharma is able to obtain exclusivity protection for three or more years for new generics it brings to market. The disease areas China Pharma is currently focusing on are: neurology, hyperlipidemia and cardiovascular disease, hyperglycemia and diabetes , hypertension, and infectious diseases.

China Pharma has built strong research and development partnerships with the following elite institutions in China and retains the ownership rights to all resulting intellectual property of products.

Chinese Academy of Sciences
China University of Pharmaceuticals
Military Medical Academy Basic Medical Science Institute
Chongqing Medical Industry Institute
China Sichuan University



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